Street children of Nepal.  Where will they sleep, what will they eat, who will be their mother and father?  It is cold now in Nepal.  Who has given these children a place to live, a jacket, warm boots for their feet and mittens for their hands?  Who has given them soup for their belly?  Why do they have to beg?   I have so much and I am doing so little.  Heavenly Father forgive me. 

Photographs courtesy of Ann Vandemeulebroeke



Orphans begging at the bus stop.  

Little bird and her friends.


Photos courtesy Joel Doussant.


“Little bird” begs at a bus stop in India.  She and a group of other children are homeless and living on the street.  What kind of life is this for children?  These children need to be housed in “safe houses” built especially for them.  They need a roof, food, clothes, and people who love them.  Every night when I lay my head on my pillow I think about the children who lay on the street to sleep and I feel guilty.  The good thing about this guilt is that it has made me determined to somehow make life better for these children.  

Photo courtesy of Joel Dousset

Ages unknown. Two orphan girls sit near the window of the Lotus Children’s Home in a a Ger Village on the outskirts of Ulaan Bataar.  It was completely an accident that the glass is shattered and taped directly in front of the mouth of this little girl… It is very symbolic to me, however, in representing the lack of voice these children have in telling the world about their situation.

Age 1 year. An orphan girl wakes up from a nap inside the Lotus Children’s Home in a a Ger Village on the outskirts of Ulaan Bataar, Mongolia.  Jake Brewster narration and photographs

Lotus Center