Abha is my best friend and a true princess. She lives in India and she has rescued 14 children from the street. Abha and I  had always talked about street children and doing something for them. We talked so much that one day Abha went out and  bravely started collecting them off the street and bringing them home to her house.  Needless to say this created an unpleasant  rental situation.  Abha would need to find another house for her “street children”.   Abha told me the sad news and I asked her how much a rental would cost.   She estimated $300.00 per month.  With the rent and the security deposit it would be only $600.00 to move in.  I told Abha to find a house  and I would help with the finances.   Abha set about looking for the new house while I prayed and hoped over here in the US.   She did all the hard work, she and her husband who is a precious man who cares for the children as much as she does.  The day she called me with the good news about finding a house I was overjoyed to say the least.  They moved into the house  May  2009. Two of the children became sick one  with chicken pox and the other with  heat exhaustion right before they moved in.  Abha had sick children to care for besides moving but she faced the challenge and moved right in.  Abha and I have named this cause  “Safehouse India”.  Some of the children that are at the house are girls who were rescued from child prostitution.  Abha put her life in danger to save the girls. Their families sell them to ruthless people. It is a very sad situation. I will be telling the stories of these children who have been rescued from the streets. I am asking that you read this blog and determine to do something useful about this urgent situation. If you can donate then  please do so. There are many other needs. There is the matter of water.  Clean water does not conveniently come out of the faucet. It has to be bought off of a water truck at the costs of $50.00 or more per week. Abha then adds chlorine tablets to the water to purify it. The children  will always need clothes, shoes, medical attention, schooling, and food. Please give generously. If you cannot give then pray. Pray for Abha, her husband  and the children.  Pray  that people will read these stories and give.

Send all donations to:

Abha Benjamin
The Grace Church Campus
44 a.b. road
Dewas 455001
M.P. India


Street children of Nepal.  Where will they sleep, what will they eat, who will be their mother and father?  It is cold now in Nepal.  Who has given these children a place to live, a jacket, warm boots for their feet and mittens for their hands?  Who has given them soup for their belly?  Why do they have to beg?   I have so much and I am doing so little.  Heavenly Father forgive me. 

Photographs courtesy of Ann Vandemeulebroeke